Anita Panganiban on the Retail Orphan Initiative

A global charitable organization, the Retail Orphan Initiative dedicates itself to helping hundreds of millions of vulnerable children across the world. Focused on aiding orphans, this entity defines itself by three goals: Awareness, Encouragement, and Fundraising. It brings awareness to the needs and difficulties of youth who have been bereaved of their parents. The group encourages businesses to mentor foster children, inspire employees to become foster parents, and set up programs that make it easier for individuals to dedicate time to children in need. Finally, Retail Orphan Initiative conducts fundraising activities that collect money, food, and toys for youths. It also offers a “RoundUp for Orphans” program, in which companies ask customers to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar with the extra money going to the charity. 

Those interested in joining Retail Orphan Initiative should visit The site contains information about charities the organization supports, upcoming events, and the initiative’s history. Moreover, its “How To Get Involved” section contains special pages for individuals and businesses. 

About the Author: 

Possessing experience in retail technologies,channel marketing and development, and direct sales, Anita Panganiban currently aids clients of the IT consulting and professional services firm Tech Global Partners, which is based out of East Greenwich, Rhode Island. In charitable activities, Panganiban supports Retail Orphan Initiative.


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