About Anita Panganiban

Anita Panganiban is a successful sales and technology professional with a keen understanding of relationship building, identifying sales channels, and successfully implementing technology-based solutions. Currently at Tech Global Partners/Accuvia Consulting, Ms. Panganiban brings determination, persistence, extensive technological solution knowledge, and relationship building skills to bear as a Business Development Manager for this IT services and consulting firm. Depending on a project’s needs, Ms. Panganiban takes on the responsibilities for business development, project management, or analysis, ensuring that projects go smoothly. With over 25 years experience in the industry, Ms. Panganiban utilizes an extensive network of contacts to grow Tech Global Partners/Accuvia Consulting’s client base in the retail sector. Ultimately, Ms. Panganiban ensures that clients of Tech Global Partners/Accuvia Consulting understand their products’ functionality.

Before joining Tech Global Partners, Anita Panganiban worked with Torex, a UK company focused on back-end support for the retail industry. Initially, Ms. Panganiban was a Product Specialist for Retail Store Systems, which Torex subsequently acquired. Ms. Panganiban’s efforts, as part of a larger team, led to Retail Store Systems earning a top rank from partners. Anita Panganiban gained a new promotion on the strength of her ability to nurture strategic partnerships. The new role, Manager of Partner Alliances, brought a heightened level of responsibility. Ms. Panganiban became the lead contact for all Torex partners. Under Panganiban’s leadership, Torex became one of the top partners in retail technology solutions for IBM and Motorola. Torex again promoted Ms. Panganiban, ultimately to the Channels Manager. Charged with recruiting resellers, Panganiban continued to forge relationships within the industry.

Anita Panganiban launched her career at Monarch Marking Systems. At the time, Monarch was a manufacturer of automatic identification products. Ms. Panganiban started in direct sales, winning numerous sales awards and reaching quota 9 out of 10 years, earning her elite “Crown Club” status within the company. Paxar Corporation acquired Monarch during this time. Ms. Panganiban’s successes earned her a promotion to Direct and Channel Sales in the newly merged company. In this role, Panganiban was responsible for national and international strategic accounts. Once again, Panganiban met and exceeded quota. Paxar rewarded Ms. Panganiban with “Navigators Club” status. Today, Paxar and Monarch are owned by AVERY.


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